Crazy. Or Not. | Enough cycling 2022
Federico Vitali
Nicola Gamberi

We’ve been called many names but one stands out for sure: crazy.
Crazy – they said – when they saw us partying the night before a race, when they saw us sleeping on the ground or when they saw some of us riding 40 hours non stop.
We laughed about that, simply because these are just the things that are enough to make us happy and feel alive. We’re pretty sure they meant it in a good way too.

But all this crazy, crazy, crazy got us thinking too. Who decides what is crazy and what is not? What if we were wrong? What if this need of extremes and the will to lose control goes too far and becomes just another frame to define ourselves?

The truth is that it’s a fine line, between escaping and being trapped. Between feeding your hunger for adventure and becoming slave to your own character. It’s a fine line and it’s so tough to understand if you crossed it or not. Most of the time you don’t even understand there’s a line you might have crossed.

We’re still the loud, unpredictable, what-you-call-crazy guys but we might have grown up a bit too. We sometimes want to stop and think – to be sure that we do what we do because it’s what makes us happy and not because there’s some kind of expectation on us.

We want to use all that time we spend on our bikes to question ourselves – because a bike can be an unbelievable tool to know yourself more, to ask yourself questions and to find answers.

Staring at our kit and our bike you might question whether you’re seeing straight or you’re crazy. That’s what we wanted. Because it’s a fine line and that question is the first step of the journey.

Our 2022 is an invitation – to us first – to be brave enough to start that adventure, to leave your certainties and start digging into yourself. There’s a whole world to discover. As wide and beautiful as the one you can cross with your bike in the meantime.

Credits: Federico Vitali / Nicola Gamberi

04 mar 2022

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