Federico Vitali

For some lucky ones cycling is a job too – for the rest of us is a way to let it go after a long week at the office.
Some work so hard in training to play their game on the Sunday race – some just skip that part and head directly to the fun in the woods around the bonfire after a day bike packing.
It’s always a fine line and most of the times you cross it many times during a bike ride. You can prefer one or the other, but cycling always involves a bit of suffering to get to a profound joy from it.

Us? We worked hard to design a collection that can satisfy the needs of a wide range of riders, from those seeking the most extreme performance to those just beginning, from those who race on the road to those who have fun off-road. Then, as always, we left the office to have fun with the clothes we’d just designed. In part because testing them is a must of our job, and in part — okay, especially — because riding is our lifeblood and it’s what gives us a sense of well-being and makes us feel like children again.

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16 feb 2022

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